We offer digital solutions to improve patient engagement

Our solutions are designed to allow and optimize more meaningful interactions among patients and their health care team.

For Patients

We understand the value of your time and the importance of personalized care. By engaging in pre-visit planning, we aim to gather all the necessary information about your health and concerns beforehand, so we can provide you with a more efficient and effective visit. Our goal is to ensure that you feel heard, respected, and valued as a patient.

For Providers

Our pre-visit services streamline patient information gathering, allowing healthcare providers to have more meaningful interactions with patients during visits. This results in better understanding of patient needs, more personalized care plans, and increased patient satisfaction. Our services also reduce administrative burdens, increase practice efficiency, and improve patient outcomes.

For Support Staff

Our customizable previsit services allow clinical staff members to focus on delivering high-quality care, without the stress of rushing through appointments or struggling to locate patient information. Our goal is to provide a more efficient and effective workflow, allowing clinical staff members to fulfill their tasks with ease and confidence.

About Us

We Strive to optimize more meaningful interactions with patients

We are a company that offers digital solutions to improve patient engagement and clinical workflow. Our mission is to empower patients and their healthcare team in the management of their health.
The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly with the emergence of numerous innovative digital tools and further integration across medical solutions. We aim to be more than just another program to open. Instead, we strive to facilitate the overall experience in the delivery of healthcare among the provider, the patient, and the medical support staff.

We value meaningful engagements with people, not more engagements with technology.

Meet Our Team

Alberto Monegro

Founder, CEO, President

Francisco Monegro, PhD

Co-founder, Vice-president

Charles Esenwa, MD

Senior Vice-President

Eddie Pena

Director Of Design

Why Choose Us

Pre-visit Planning is Important and Necessary

The American Medical Association recommends the use of pre-visit planning to improve patient care and satisfaction. As such, our company offers tailored solutions to help healthcare providers implement pre-visit planning in their practices. Our solutions are designed to streamline the process and ensure that all necessary information is gathered prior to the patient’s visit. By utilizing pre-visit planning, providers can identify and prioritize the patient’s needs, address any concerns, and provide more personalized care. This results in improved patient outcomes, higher levels of patient satisfaction and lower provider costs. Pre-Visit Planning: Save Time, Improve Care, and Strengthen Care Team Satisfaction | Workflow and Process | AMA STEPS Forward | AMA Ed Hub (ama-assn.org)


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Solutions designed to make your responsibilities as a patient, a doctor, or support staff, SIMPLER.

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