About Us

About Us

We strive to optimize more meaningful interactions with patients

We are a company that offers digital solutions to improve patient engagement and clinical workflow. Our mission is to empower patients and their healthcare team in the management of their health.

The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly with the emergence of numerous innovative digital tools and further integration across medical solutions. We aim to be more than just another program to open. Instead, we strive to facilitate the overall experience in the delivery of healthcare among the provider, the patient, and the medical support staff.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President

Alberto Monegro, MD

Our solution is a paradigm shift in how we deliver health care. Its applications can impact outpatient clinics, diagnostic centers, elective procedural services, and telehealth services. Unlike competitors, we didn’t just develop a product for the patient as the end-user, we asked the patient, the doctor, AND the support staff, how we could enrich the overall experience during a clinical visit.

Meet Our Team

Francisco Monegro, PhD

Co-founder, Vice-president

Charles Esenwa, MD

Senior Vice-President

Eddie Pena

Director Of Design